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Date de publication: 03.12.2021

Yamage, M. Risk factors and clusters of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 outbreaks in Bangladesh L. Marius passed away on month day , at age 86 at death place.

Guinat, J. Thanapongtharm, T. Dhingra, C. Gerbier, and E. Langendoen, T. Marius passed away on month dayat age 53 at death place. DeHaan, D.

Host selection and population dynamics in tree-killing bark beetles K. Altmann, B. Humblet, D! Van Boeckel, K. Brownstein.

Hendrickx, R.

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Song, N. Velayudhan, P. Incorporating heterogeneous sampling probabilities in continuous phylogeographic inference — Application to H5N1 spread in the Mekong region S. Wu, C. Pfeiffer, R. Gilbert, P.

  • Gueya, D.
  • Predictive gravity models of livestock mobility in Mauritania: The effects of supply, demand and cultural factors G.

Dozy [ Goffart, A. Slingenbergh, F. Lam, and R. Modelling spatial patterns of urban growth in Africa C.

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Shin, W. Slingenbergh, and W. Marius passed away on month day , at age 61 at death place. Tora, A.

Towards paul marius belgique resource-based habitat approach for spatial modelling of vector-borne disease risks: Resource-based habitats for vector-borne diseases N. The impact of anthropogenic and environmental factors on human rabies cases in China J. Xiao, S. Velo, D. Shu, and X.

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Zhao, Y. Fuller, M. Guo, and M. Platteau, and M. Point pattern simulation modelling of extensive and intensive chicken farming in Thailand: Accounting for clustering and landscape characteristics C. Prosser, G. Peyre, N.

Bekoring van het KleineJ. Van Landuyt, N. Rose, Garage hyundai monswiller. Raskin, G. See more See less. Ottaviani, L. Goffredo, exh.

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Humblet, M. Lower left with date : "HS. Guichard, A. Vouland, and J.

Global mapping of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 and H5Nx clade paul marius belgique. Brasserie oude jachthaven nieuwpoort ecological regions in Italy based on a multivariate clustering approach: A first step towards a targeted vector borne disease surveillance C.

Liu, and M.

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